"In these pages many mysteries are hinted at.
What if you come to understand one of them?"

"Words let water from an unseen, infinite ocean
Come into this place as energy for the dying and even the dead."

"Bored onlookers, but with such Light in our eyes!
As we read this book, the jewel-lights intensify."

- Rumi

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Contest Update

I've gotten a few very nice reviews up for First Chosen.  Between Amazon US and Amazon UK, I've got exactly five! Five entries with five chances of winning. Well, that's hardly a contest, now is it? I may be old fashioned, and I know it's not the "popular" view in some circles right now, but I think a contest needs to have winners and losers.  So, I'm extending the contest to the end of the month!

For those of you who missed the first post, or who haven't gone to the contest page, here are the details:

  • Read my Kindle eBook First Chosen.
  • Review it on Amazon.
  • At the end of the Month I will pick the best five reviews to be beta-readers for the second book in series, Once We Were Like Wolves.
For the record, I'm not just looking at people who give me five stars. If you feel First Chosen warrants five stars, I'll take it. I'm looking for honest reviews that are well written and discuss the work.  I want to see how my potential group of beta readers are going to be able to articulate their ideas about my work in a way that I'll be able to take what they've written and apply it to my second draft.

Here's hoping a few more of you decide to jump on this.  If you've already gotten the book, please take a few moments to review the book. Thanks to the five people who've reviewed the book.  To those who've clicked "like" thanks as well.  In the independent publishing world, reader reviews are one of the most important factors in a writer's success. As I said in my post "A Call To Arms," struggling writers depend on their fan base and early readers to help get the work out.  The independent writer depends on them even more so. Thanks for your support!

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