"In these pages many mysteries are hinted at.
What if you come to understand one of them?"

"Words let water from an unseen, infinite ocean
Come into this place as energy for the dying and even the dead."

"Bored onlookers, but with such Light in our eyes!
As we read this book, the jewel-lights intensify."

- Rumi

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Contest Time!

For the next two weeks or so, I'm running a contest for my novel TEARS OF RAGE: First Chosen. I'd like to generate some traffic, sales, and most importantly, REVIEWS!

So, here's the deal:

I want people to write reviews.  I'll be reading them, mulling them over, and figuring out which I like best.  The people who write the five reviews I like best posted by the time I go to bed on July 20th will become beta readers for the next book "Once We Were Like Wolves."  That means, you'll get to read the book as I'm writing it, and give me feedback.  I won't promise to incorporate that feedback into the final draft, as I gotta stick with my vision of the work, but you'll get to enjoy the story before anyone else.  You'll get to see those cut scenes the no one else does, and who knows, you might even help shape the next book.  If you're really helpful, then I'll probably ask you to beta read for future work.

How to Enter

If you haven't already, go to Amazon and get TEARS OF RAGE: First ChosenRead it.  Go to the book's Amazon page and leave a review.  Then email me a copy of the review at mgallowglas@gmail.com.  I'll judge the top five, and start sending you stuff on like the 21st or 22nd.

I'm looking for honest, well-written reviews.  If all you do is gush about how wonderful it is, and give it 5 stars but only because that's the limit and you just keep reading it over and over and over, that is less likely to catch my eye than a four or even three star review that really goes in depth into the strengths of story, characters, etc.

Good luck!  I can't wait to read your reviews.

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