"In these pages many mysteries are hinted at.
What if you come to understand one of them?"

"Words let water from an unseen, infinite ocean
Come into this place as energy for the dying and even the dead."

"Bored onlookers, but with such Light in our eyes!
As we read this book, the jewel-lights intensify."

- Rumi

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Healing Power of Writing

So... It's been a day.  Hell... It's been a long week already.  Masive emotional roller coaster.  I had to go to the Sacramento County Courthouse today and got some legal advice that really threw my world into a tailspin.  Before any of you freak out and start asking questions: It's settled down, and it's about property law.  The situation is in a holding pattern, and Robin and I are stabilized as of now.  Later, maybe not, but that's later.  Right now we're holding in there.

After I completed my business at the courthouse, I had some time to kill before meeting my dad for lunch at the pub  I decided to stop by the office and get a little writing done on some potential posts for the company blog.  Normally, I climb the ladder up to the loft and park it on the couch up there.  Today I went into the back where they have a small workroom.  I plugged in and got to work.  The words came fast and easy.  Forty-five minutes later, my potential blog post was almost finished, and my mood was much improved.  The day continued to go up and down.  Lunch with my dad, home to watch WWE Raw (Yeah, I love wrestling, DEAL!) a little bit of wow, some work stuff issues that I can't go into because of my NDA but it got worked out fairly smoothly, a bit of writing and a discussion of a special surprise project, conversation with the landlord that was calming and nerve wracking at the same time.

As I said... long day.  Now I'm putting this updated out there and I am reminded of something I read in Ray Bradbury's brilliant boot ZEN AND THE ART OF WRITING:  "You must stay drunk on writing so that reality cannot destroy you."

Amen!  Tell it to us Father Ray!

Lately I've felt myself out of sorts with myself, and I realize I haven't been writing enough.  Since working on the stories for Fantasy Flight Games, my thoughts have begun to shift from dark and cynical places to something resembling acceptance.  Kind of a Tao thing.

What a wonderful thing it is that I can write my troubles away! Now that I think about it, I've been doing that since I was in Jr High and getting bullied for being the dorky kid with the unending, and most of the time comprehensible, imagination.  I wonder... Was that how some of my literary heroes spent their years in secondary education (jr and sr high school)?  It wouldn't surprise me in the least.

Well, I think I'm pretty much done for now, at least for this blog.  I've got other stuff I'm going to work on. and then head off to bed!  We'll see what adventures tomorrow will bring.  I'm not entirely certain, but I'd be willing to place good money that at least one of those adventures will include writing.

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